Body Now! Group Fitness Classes combine professional instruction with the joy of movement in a positive and encouraging atmosphere!  Women look forward to exercising in our supportive environment with ambient lighting, fabulous classes and all the equipment you need to feel comfortable and reach your goals. Our goal is to ben­e­fit every­ woman we teach on how to cus­tomize the Body Now! workouts so you have real tools to address your spe­cific needs. Our philosophy is to give our clients versatile movement education rather than stylized systems. The Body Now! Method is an intel­li­gent and nec­es­sary approach to total health that sets us apart from all other fitness centers. Try a FREE WEEK! and see for yourself!

Now Fitness!

Now Fitness! is a Body Now! exclusive. Our one hour classes are nonstop aerobic fat burning fun!  We combine world dance fusion with athletic components and proper placement into a dynamic cardiovascular workout. The routines are simple to follow and can be as challenging as you want. The movements are for participants of ALL fitness levels. Build your energy and get fit with Now Fitness! –The Premiere Aerobic Training Program for Body Now!

Yoga Now!


Get centered and energized! Yoga Now! is a fitness practice that “Makes Sense.” Bio-mechanically correct Yoga postures are taught with an emphasis on dynamic precision and alignment to build a supple spine, core strength, and a greater range of motion. Our Yoga Now! classes are user friendly and taught with our unique principles utilizing the Body Now! Method. This allows every woman to understand the foundation of alignment and integrative health starting with your very first class!

Pilates Now!


This class empahsizes core conditioning, body awareness and breath, Pilates Now! Stability training is a safe and highly effective way to strengthen and streamline your body without building bulk or stressing your joints. We guide you on how to engage your core using breath and muscular control. Pilates Now! is functional fitness beginning with our unique Body Now! trademarked method of “Placement, Precision and Power.“

Sculpt Now!

A healthy skeletal system is the framework that supports your body. Your bones and muscles work together to keep your metabolism at optimum levels to burn fat and keep you vibrant and healthy. Through correct weight lifting instruction, learn to connect with your body to feel confident and be strong. Sculpt Now! specializes in working specifically for women with our classes designed to protect your joints as you tone your body.  You will be empowered to move with grace using our Body Now! method of “Functionally Fit Principles.“

Wise Woman!

As we age, overall fitness levels are vital for providing the quality of life needed for independence and personal success. At Body Now!, our Wise Woman classes guide clients by progression through functional movement patterns. This systematic and progressive approach is the key to enhancing balance and awareness while providing essential tools for a lifetime of healthy mobility. 

Wise Woman Circuit!

Join our professionally certified staff in the Fitness Center and get guidance on the How’s and Why’s of weight training for women. We will provide information on the latest research and studies on women’s health care and answer your questions. As you move through our Circuit Systems using the Body Now! Method, we will be instructing you on proper form and technique while adding additional exercises as you progress.