Her Story


BodyNow! - Eugene, Oregon

BodyNow! - Eugene, Oregon


Her Story is a woman’s viewpoint with special attention to the personal experience of claiming her energy, vitality and total health.

Our Modern Lifestyle Programs are Designed and Created by Women for Women. We know positive personal transformation is possible

  • Beginning with claiming our BODY- All of it.
  • Self-acceptance in our MIND – Starts through developing healthy habits and an attitude of appreciation.
  • And cultivating our SPIRIT – Through discovery of personal talents, strengths and celebrating our potential to fully embrace life.

The Body Now! Training Method provides practical skills that enable all women to make positive improvement in their lives. We are original, and we are the first of its kind in addressing “Total Women’s Wellness.” We look forward to hearing “Your Story” of  real transformation to the woman who is taking charge of her health and wellness.

With Passion and Energy,

Deborah Power

Founder and Director of Body Now!   



“As a physician, the saying “a cobbler’s son has no shoes” had applied to me until I met Deborah Power four years ago. By this I mean, despite having a degree in medicine and being a health care professional, I was one of the more unhealthy people around. My blood pressure and weight were up, my mood and energy down. I started walking and on one of my walks stumbled across Deborah’s studio, Body Now. I was curious and wanted to find out who would put a fitness studio in an industrial building in a rather unattractive area of town. Just looking at it from the outside, I probably would not want to work out there. Pulled by the desperate need to “heal thyself”, I walked in nonetheless and was delighted by what I found and felt. Using humble materials and a mother-lode of good taste and practicality, the studio had a zen-like tranquility I found immediately healing and energizing. I had never in my 52 years belonged to a “club” before but this seemed promising. After the one week trial, I readily signed on for a year as I was so impressed by Deborah’s philosophy and teaching skills. In what too often is the “meat market” of the fitness world Deborah is a breath of fresh air and it is she and her like-minded staff that keep me coming back. Despite a perfect physique that is evidence of a disciplined, well-lived life, she is inspiring and not judgmental. Her self-deprecatory sense of humor and emphasis on listening “to your body”, (meaning working at your own level), gives even the most self-conscious and reluctant among us the confidence to exercise. Watching her in the studio and weight room, she is able to rapidly develop a rapport with and instruct women of all age groups and fitness levels. Fitness is both physical and psychological. While Deborah is an excellent instructor who has made exercise enjoyable for me, I find that she has also been a life coach of sorts. Her positive attitude is contagious, her creativity liberating. I feel lucky to have found her and am much healthier for it.”

-Susan E. Polchert  M.D.





“Thank you Deborah and Donna for being a constant inspiration of what a strong and confident woman is. This is us after a sweaty and exciting routine at Body Now! Women’s Health & Fitness. I actually wore my shirt up like this showing my belly (the part I most self-conscious about). I am so proud to be so confident and comfortable in my body. Finally! Thank you all the ladies of Body Now!”….  Rachel Reininger