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Be Your Own Coach

Need more motivation to reach your health and fitness  goals? Be your own coach and learn the secrets to reaching your dreams!

FREE!  Saturday morning 10:15 – 11:30AM October29 at BODY NOW! All are welcome! Accomplish! Achieve! Advance your fitness goals with fitness expert Deborah Power and nutritition and wellness coach Sandi Thompson, NTP. Join us on October 29 to learn powerful coaching methods that you can use to succeed with your fitness and health goals.

Deborah Bend

Live a Healthy Life

Thank goodness trends are changing and women are awakening to their physical power.  Even most celebrities have  ditched the skinny look in favor of a healthy athletic body that can perform. All I can say is – it’s about time!  This is a great awakening from all the crazy diets and lack of sensible fitness that weaken the immune system and lower metabolism. The days of the starvation appearance so many in the past have strived for are officially over!  A woman who is strong and fit is able to keep up with the demands of living a full life and have More >