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January Focus

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.” Buddha

Many struggle with the balance between commitments and taking care of themselves. Personal neglect causes one to disconnect from their sense of mental and physical awareness. Examining the state of “Now” takes some courage and must be addressed for change to truly happen.

Many questions will arise as an opportunity when one is ready for personal transformation——such as———How did I gain weight? Why am I so stressed? Where is my joy?

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Energy Begets Energy

My family and I watched the Olympics recently and witnessed history in the making. Seeing the amazing women gymnasts was such an inspiration and a great example of The power of the human spirit. I know most of us would never even dream of achieving this level of physical mastery, but I can only hope that each of us will feel the energy of those who demonstrated their abilities to work through life’s obstacles to achieve their vision.

Seeing athletes in motion makes me consider the will to live that every creature is born with. We all have energy within that More >

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Health Is A Lifestyle, Not An Event

As director of Body Now! and a Health Advisor, I have the privilege of meeting many women and hearing their concerns. The topic of weight loss comes up so often I must share my findings. The first is when I ask an individual about health goals, and the answer I get 90% of the time is “lose weight.”  Most often, there is deadline. Examples include weddings, vacation, etc. Events can prompt one toward their goals and also brings a personal opportunity to review where the individual is going with her focus. This can be a great start to long lasting success. I cannot express the More >

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The Best Medicine is Preventive

Every year, the IDEA Association holds an International Health and Wellness Conference in Palm Springs California. This event brings together experts on virtually every aspect of health and fitness with a focus on the mind and body connection. There is great value gathering as professionals to address our public health challenges. The conference provides research, education and an open forum for everyone participating in the field of health to share insights, collaborate and seek answers together.

While attending, I was able to meet with physicians, nutritionists, mental health experts, educators, and many others from the public and private sectors. By far the most More >


Healthier Each Day!

Most women do not think of themselves as being the athletic type, but we really are. From being on the go along with balancing many jobs, our busy lives require a tremendous amount of energy and efficiency.  Our lifestyles demand that we be in top condition to do our work, nurture others and live a quality life. The more fit and healthy you are, the more enjoyable your life will be. Changing our mindset by thinking of ourselves as athletes helps us to consider how important is to get proper training, good nutrition and adequate rest. As a certified coach More >

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The Heart of Health

 It’s National Heart Month! Being healthy is something to celebrate. There are many things we can do to support our heart such as proper exercise, quality nutrition and restorative sleep.  Your overall health scores are a percentage of lifestyle practices and genetic conditions. Beyond the math, there are other factors to observe if a wellness program is going to be a lifelong habit. On average, 80% of those who begin a health and fitness program stop after 3 months, and many quit within the first 6 weeks. Real health and wellness is a lifestyle practice that must be integrated to fully enjoy the benefits. There are also some very More >


It’s a New Year!

       It’s a New Year and a great time to create a New Beginning. Learn from the past, and look to the future to pursue your dreams with fresh energy. What better way to start than with a PARTY!!!!

The entire planet rings in the New Year with some sort of celebration. This is a great time to process and begin again with clarity from positive reflection. A confident attitude gives one the energy to really enjoy the celebration.

Confidence is meeting life challenges of all kinds – this essential attitude can be cultivated. Finding the willingness includes anything which involves mastering a More >

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Express Yourself!

Being “authentic” is key in living a rich life. In honoring ourselves, we build health. Though the work I do is centered around women, it is ultimately not “just” a woman’s thing – As we open our hearts, we find love, beginning with ourselves. Real connectedness is intrinsic to an abundant life. Releasing all superficial behaviors develops REAL relationships. An open heart attracts blessings on every level!

By nature, we as women, thrive on helping, teaching and serving others. We feel joy seeing others happy–If–we are balanced and healthy. Addressing personal fears and insecurities in the first step to lasting results More >

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Celebrate Every Day!

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, the “winter blues” can kick in. Showing up as low energy and lack of motivation are the main reasons many reach for “unhealthy alternatives” rather than making empowered choices. There’s a lot you can do to prevent the blues from coming on and get yourself healthy and happy in the process. My absolute first choice is ……..


The effects of a good workout are great for relieving stress. This means you must ”Push it”—Excercise will affect your mood in a positive way, and you will have lots more energy due to an elevated metabolism. More >

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Live a Healthy Life

Thank goodness trends are changing and women are awakening to their physical power.  Even most celebrities have  ditched the skinny look in favor of a healthy athletic body that can perform. All I can say is – it’s about time!  This is a great awakening from all the crazy diets and lack of sensible fitness that weaken the immune system and lower metabolism. The days of the starvation appearance so many in the past have strived for are officially over!  A woman who is strong and fit is able to keep up with the demands of living a full life and have More >