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Designer footwear Supply Variety Styles Of The Cheap  Shoes.Even sit with her sister Adger arrangement is a look of confusion, Adger said these, if it is experienced in the community, and should not know.

she always felt younger brother who hides a secret, but he did not say, and he is not asked, and this is the family trust.

The text of Chapter 57 do not want to encounter the “father” (a)

Chapter 57 do not want to encounter the “father” (a)

next few days, Adger something needs to be recovered to classify treatment, some want to put in the cellar, such as fear of bad fruit; still want the sun to the roof, such as persimmon, be on the roof dried persimmons made good easy to save.

or leaves will accompany Adger painted design.

this time, the village is to catch busy, no time to work, and the city, but it is a gold sale. Because the long anticipated this conflict, the factory will advance this dude kicked out for some time, but these days he left off on holiday. However, it takes Adger use the next stage of design drawings out. Leaves will follow out of ideas.

then have free time, they go to the mountains to play with the leaves, they just did not include random walk, tsetse wildflowers, drink spring, pick mushroom soup to go home and drink.

mountains, very little arable land per capita, this season is some corn to receive an income, Adger and that they can cope with, you need to kind of things, such as Wang Fu will come back to do.

and mountains of other people, also started into the mountains.

part of the pocket money, they need this time to make it back into the mountains.

Unlike leaves their sightseeing tour, the villagers usually bring dry food, walk together to the mountains, in which the two or three days will be back.

mountains are always generous, there are a variety of common herbs, and some fungi, which was also to acquire two wild chrysanthemums, and scorpions and the like, the price is not low, it was specifically looking into the mountains these things.

only two days of school because of the distance, the grandmother’s cousin came over and asked her not to play two days together into the mountains when the leaves had refused. For this, she was depressed for a while, now have to catch an early cousin appointment next year.

The night when a person leaves began to practice “heaven decision” was.

may be taken into account Cowboy’s nothing cultural knowledge characteristics, “heaven must” set is very simple, do not need your own particular understanding of the body, but does not require knowledge of what kind of learning points, which owned a kinds of consciousness, coupled with secondary effects Zhu fruit, leaves and soon felt the aura runs according to certain routes in the body, and each run once, it will speed up a little, leaves the body will feel very nice and warm comfortable.

Moreover, with the increase of Reiki, the leaves also found their ability to control space is also strengthening, though limited, but she can take out one of the bigger things, like a fish. (They had secretly eat boiled fish in Adger home, it really is delicious.)

With this as the driving force, leaves a more diligent practice. I do not sleep the whole night, spent in cultivation, it will not wake up in the morning feeling tired, but his voice.

and leaves only trouble now is how to come up with fruit, grandparents do not doubt.
once, because my grandparents respect you, do not casually into his room, you can also find an excuse, but he also does not fit the room so much fruit ah? But do not worry that the grandparents of the body are very good, but also to find ways to tolerate her slowly.

in such anguish and joy, the remaining two holidays passed quickly, leaves and Adger should also return to school.

walk this day, grandparents happened to someone driving to the village to inquire about the mine, you can put two children piggyback back, please go to the people.

As a result, they are large bags Strip and on a lot of things.

The stock of what this holiday season, their biggest harvest, the leaves that space is obtained, although not yet fully studied it thoroughly, but we can expect that will certainly change their lives.

leaves feel, in addition to their ongoing program, their the space, so that she can more help to Adger.

take too many things, Adger had to send home to help the leaves.

including I, this is only the second time Adger Gordon leaves the house. Unlike last time, this time he is openly come, but this time only one person at home mom Yang dad because the unit has an emergency surgery, may not come back at noon.

soon as he met Young mother dressed for this generous, polite manners boy a very good impression, that he did not see the elder little shy and pretty.

As for his future wife’s mother, Adger also Quyifengying, implied patting ass.

“You’re too big brother, German children, speaking of the relationship between our two not far, when was the German Big Brother leaves his father’s surgery is done, not to mention you and leaves another classmate, after a thing all right on come home for dinner, wash clothes, nobody can also be used to wash your aunt. “He thought of the situation at home, said Yang mother concern. Out of a village, he is still not enough for the folks who care ah!

“Thank you, aunt.” Adger this was really touched. His mother died a child though her sister to take care of their own good, but still can not completely replace the mother’s position, he is never enjoyed such a concern from a mother.

Adger first time feels years younger than me and if good, as you can like a wayward child flew her arms like a baby.
Despite this desire emotion
Adger deliberately to conceal, but still was Young mother in the eyes of this child even more distressed.

looked at him and his mother live in harmony, the leaves are very happy.

got into the kitchen in a circle, leaves secretly took some fruit from space, clean the upper end came on a plate.

“Mom, this is specially Adger from their own take, and good to eat, you eat one.” leaf leading to the mother’s side and gave Mom, look Adger while envy.

“Really? then I’m going to try.” Young mothers see such a good sell fruit, is very rare.

eat one, taste really good.

and Yang mother said for a moment, then Adger feels that time is running out, or too far on the bad, so he got up to leave.

“also take what ah, that almost noon, aunt’s go cook, stay for dinner,” Yang said her mother got up and going to cook.

“No, aunt, I have an appointment and students at noon to go out to dinner together, not bad. next time, next time try aunt craft, listen to old leaves boast!” Adger quickly rejected, heart says, and quickly go, in case of the father leaves, it is not so easy for it.

“ah, since the appointment and others, agreed to abide by it, the aunt also will not keep you, next time I tell you to let the leaves, come home for dinner. be allowed not come ah?”

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